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Driven by this PASSION to share the Message of Hope and to help Make a Difference in the Lives of People .
Kenyetta felt compelled  to throw out her net and launch her own ministry.
With a clear but simple mission of helping and inspiring others, New Day Ministries is known for making a memorable impact.
Their unique approach combined with exceptional guidance and contagious enthusiasm makes them perfect for a large variety of audiences and events.
New Day Ministries has helped countless people unleash their God given Mission Vision and Purpose .
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Awakened by the Spirit of God

It all started when I relocated from San Diego to Hollywood, in the early nineties in pursuit of my dream which was to become a famous Dancer and Choreographer.

During that time I landed work as a backup dancer for Kurtis Blow for an event called RAPMANIA this was a Live Concert celebrating the 15th anniversary of Hip Hop the event brought together some of the most influential artist in rap .It would be during this event that I would begin living the Hollywood Hip Hop Music Industry lifestyle when I met one of the artist in the show “a hip hop pioneer” we hooked up things began to move fast and soon into the relationship I discovered I was pregnant, shortly thereafter I moved in with him being young naive and clueless I had no idea what I gotten myself into but one thing I knew for sure I was LOST.

Until years later I would survive what is now known as the Northridge Earthquake of 1994 which took placed on January 17, 1994 around 4:31 am its magnitude was 6.6-6.7 on the Richter scale violently shook the city of Los Angeles and left much of the city in ruins with buildings and freeways collapsed.

During the quake, we lived in a high rise apartment building I could literally hear the nails in the wood popping and cracking as the building shook violently and being overwhelmed with fear,

Suddenly a revelation came to me;" if I die I'd be separated from GOD and spend eternity in Hell."
 I was not a religious person however instinctively in that moment- I cried out “LORD SAVE ME” I don’t want to die.

Days following the quake I would have a supernatural encounter with the Spirit of God that changed the course of my life.

 I heard a voice say Kenyetta go get your BIBLE- I was reluctant at first to get it but I felt prompted to find it and when I opened it up much to my amazement right to St. Luke 17 6 And the Lord said, If ye had faith as a grain of mustard seed, needless to say that caught my attention because I recalled my Granma saying that but I had no idea she was quoting scripture I just assumed she made it up.

 Before I knew it I felt a presence enter into the room; I immediately recognized it to be that of the Lord and it frighten me” He said be not afraid it is I and I am with you “and the fear left.

I ask him the purpose of this visit he said its time you got your life right with me and your kids need to know me.

 As we talked I noticed when I would ask a question he would answer when I would look down at the bible it would be turned to that page and the verse would stand out like 3D coming off the pages.

I asked one last question; how do I know you’re the way; His response was” I AM the Way the Truth and The Life no man comes to the father but by me” (John 14:6)

I shared this with a family member who invited me to church to meet with her pastor.

I will never forgot what he said to me” young lady God has a plan for your life”. He prayed with me, I gave my life to the Lord and vowed to serve him all the days of my life.


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