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Morning Prayer

Prayer Leads to Breakthrough

 Pop In | LIVE Prayer 6:00am EST
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Prayer: Welcome


What People Are Saying

The Power of God is Real and Miracles are Happening!

Take a look below to see actual testimonials from previous audiences.

Prayer: Testimonials
Clapping Audience

Got to share this !!!!! God is still in the miracle working business !!!! There is power, hope, and healing in the name of Jesus !!!! Glory to His Name ! Thank you Lord !!!!! 
Love you Ki-Ki girl !!!!

 Unconventional and unorthodox!

Thank you for your faithfulness in releasing the Word the Lord had for you to give.

I receive the Lord's speaking through you! Amen.

This Sermon is another powerful, spirit-filled, spirit-lead, Word from God that I've heard you preach!

God has given you an anointing like no other and you are using it to His Glory!

Thank you for the Word of God you shared with us and I will share this Gospel with others.

Amen! Amen! Amen!

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