Every Setback Has a Major Comeback

The Holy Spirit literally stopped me in my tracks I paused to listen....I heard the Spirit of the Lord Say ; “ Be encouraged Kenyetta; You Are Coming Out “

The story of Lazarus death found in the bible {John Chapter 11} immediately refreshed in my spirit...although he was graveyard dead for 4 days in a whole tomb,bound in grave cloths ....looking like prayers weren’t answered and all hope was gone .... He experienced the greatest comeback ever ..... Jesus brought him back to life !

Let his story be a reminder to us that with "God All things Are Possible" and no matter what our current circumstances may be it does not have the power to define ,dictate or determine our outcome!

God is no respecter of person if he did it for Lazarus he will do it for you and me.

“ You were set up for your comeback .... get ready you are coming out of that thing!”

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